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Less Is More Sengkang Singapore

Shao Jie Yeo 1 year ago


Sengkang Singapore

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A story of a relaxing adventure filled with images of the bright yellow sun and a scalloped shoreline being hugged by the sparkling turquoise waves adapted into a tangible living space — that is where our inspiration was derived. Coupled with the client’s love of scuba diving and the unique and meaningful experiences they had related to the sport, the elegant and comforting, yet exciting design was born.
The door opens to the foyer which serves as a visual prelude to the beach hut where a distinctive feature cabinet, made of veneer timber planks, was strategically placed to create a cosy, yet eye-catching entrance. The cabinet continues to extend upwards to form a timber ceiling and ends where the black tinted mirrors that creates the illusion of a more spacious apartment stand.
The cabinet isn’t there only for aesthetic purposes either. It also has ample storage space, a suspended drawer, and a wall opening where a fish tank currently sits. Not only is it the opening the home of the family pet, it also aids in highlighting and connecting the presence of the different spaces within the apartment. On the other side of the cabinet, a fully stocked mini bar hidden from view with a sliding door made entirely out of blackboard minimises clutter.
The bay settee that flows from the foyer through to the dining area is the focal point of the house and is a tongue-in- cheek interpretation of “living by the bay”. It also serves a multitude of functions, acting as a shoe settee, a TV console, a bay window, and a dining settee all at once. The interior is bathed in a warm light emitted from the concealed lighting, visually connecting the different pockets of space within the apartment.
Recycled blue beer bottles were re-purposed and fixed to one end of the bay settee to create a unique light feature — an obvious nod to the client's love for drinking and lounging at the beach. On the other end, frosted glass pebbles were scattered and decorated with a standing lamp to emulate rocks and sea salt stones. To create a sense of warmth and relaxation that the client can come back home to after an exhausting day at work, an incandescent pendant was installed in a quiet corner of the dining area.
Timber was used again as the choice material for the floor of the hallway leading to the bedrooms. To form a more seamless look, the master bedroom, situated at the very end of the hallway, was once more, made out of timber. Towards the living area, the floor planks begin to alternate with the cement screed flooring — creating the illusion of waves crashing against the shore and varying tactile sensations.
The slightly edgy and industrial quality of the kitchen is a subtle departure from the living area. Upon entrance, the distinctly coloured copper pipes and the contrasting stainless steel countertop are sure to catch your eye. Several of the pipes were artfully bent and stretched along the ceiling, converging to serve as light sources while others were transformed into simple, yet tastefully designed taps.
Living by the bay heightens an unique and meaningful experience that is inherent to the lifestyle of the client. It sought to create a series of spaces that is elegant, relaxing and yet exciting.


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