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Unlike other portals, Direct ID aims to shine the spotlight on each other individual designer.
Just like any art form, no design is even identical. Uploading your allows customers to form an impression of you in a crowded marketplace. Showcasing your porfolio gives homeowners a taste of your design chops

Like some homeowners, Direct-ID never sleeps.

Homeowners will be able to browse through your work and accomplishments 24/7. Other than the standard phone call/ email. A whatsapp integration on your profile means they will be able to reach you easily and create an immediate real time connection. Instead of being shuffled through portal policies and message boxes. It also helps you discern if a homeowner is your ideal client.

Perks of the community

We understand the challenges of the interior design business and having a coherent community will allow IDS to leverage on the community to bring more valuable ID-centric business tools at an affordable cost so IDS can focus on designing and minimize non-design related tasks.

    More Time to Design

  • No more excel sheets
  • Affordable bespoke ID software
  • More affordable 3D renders


  • Receive leads directly
  • Reach homeowners who identify your design style

    Give Your Portfolio A Voice

  • Curated copywriters
  • Digital artists on demand
  • More affordable photography & videography
  • Designers will always be in the spotlight

    Level Up Curated Courses

  • Professional development
  • Sub contractors

    Connect & Get More Referrals

  • Social media endorsements
  • Pinterest
  • Whatsapp on your profile

    Earn More

  • Curated online ID shop
  • Reno finance referrals fees
  • Insurance referral fees
Protecting your right to a design fee

We understand educating homeowners on the job you do is crucial to being a respected interior designer. Check back in for the upcoming channels that we propose to reach out to homeowners and bring you high quality leads.

Forward-thinking ID firms

Direct-ID does not take away your firm's brand identity but reinforces your firms most important asset - Designers. The better your designers at their craft the more support you deserve. If you share our purpose of empowering interior designers, please reach us at for coperate memberships. Your designers will thank you for it.

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